[ Fall of Chulua – The Lost Treasure ]



Greetings adventurer,

old legends telling us about an old kingdom named Ozolan. We heard that a lot of folks couldn’t find a way into the inner kingdom. Do you have what it need to find the answer?

“Fall of Chulua – The Lost Treasury” sets you in an old nordic, dwarfish world where you explore the history about this old mystic place. This story driven game let you take the role of the adventurer “Runar”, an fearless dwarf.

This game was created as portfolio project by me (Andre Schaaf-Ledermüller) and is not a full title but it is fully build with everything a game needs. You play the first story line with ca. 1h to 1.5h of content in different environments like a mine, quary and forge.

Have some fun with it and let me know if you like the game or not.

The final release date is set to Friday, 12/01/2017.

– Andre Schaaf-Ledermüller –

    • Release: 1st December 2017 (Released by Andre Schaaf-Ledermüller)
    • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
    • Roles: Producer, Lead Developer, Game Design, Audio Recording / Mixing, Production, Everything
    • Type: Nordic dwarf adventure
    • Download:


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